Member and Subscriber Support

I have subscribed to Click Frenzy but have not received any emails
We email subscribers during the year with exciting offers from loved brands.  In the lead up to events you can expect to receive emails about the upcoming...
What are the benefits of subscribing?
Subscribers are eligible to participate in subscriber only competitions. As a subscriber you receive amazing offers from brands you love right to your ...
I did not receive the verification email after signing up
If you signed up for Click Frenzy and did not receive the verification email: Please check your junk / spam folders It may take up to 30 minutes for you ...
How do I become a Click Frenzy subscriber?
To become a Click Frenzy subscriber enter your email address into our subscribe bar click here 
Are there any costs involved in becoming a member/subscriber?
There is no cost incurred when you sign up to be a Click Frenzy subscriber or a member.
What are the benefits of being a Click Frenzy member?
As a member you will have early access to our Click Frenzy events.  As a member you will be able to participate in member only competitions. 
How do I sign up for a Click Frenzy member account?
Sign up for a Click Frenzy member account here  
What is the difference between being a member and a subscriber?
Members get early access to the site at event time, to our Go Nuts 99% off deals, as well as all subscriber benefits.  Being a subscriber only gets you acc...
Subscription/Membership Issues
If you're having problems with logging in to your Click Frenzy account try resetting your password through the 'forgot my password' button an...