Wondering how to get the secret clue on our Instagram story?

To receive the secret clue to our 99% off Samsung Galaxy Note 20 head to our Instagram page and view our Stories at the start of the event (6:30PM AEDT).
(If you are viewing our stories 24 hours after the start of the event- head to our highlight called "Secret Clue", you will find the original story posted there)

Once viewing the Instagram story you will then be able to follow these simple instructions to receive the secret clue.

1. Make sure your profile is on public. (You can do this for the entirety of the event and then switch back to private afterwards).

2. Share the image posted on our story which has the #secretclue on it. (you can just screenshot the story and post that on your own story).
Tag @click_frenzy in your story.

3. Direct Message us a screenshot of your story and write #secretclue to receive the clue to the 99% off deal plus the timing the deal will go live between.