So you want to get some serious cash back?

If you plan to spend $250 or more during Click Frenzy, you can get up to $270 cash back - yes, you heard right, you can get more back than you spend, but there are things you need to know.

Here’s how it works. 

The first 200 registered members who spend $250 at will get $250 cash back. If you think you have no chance, know this – in Click Frenzy Mayhem in May, it took more than two hours for 200 purchases to be entered into Frenzy Bucks – if you’re reading this, you have a GREAT chance, but you want to be signed up for early access so you can kick off your shopping half an hour before Click Frenzy officially opens.

The next 1000 members who spend $250 will get $50 cash back, and the first 1000 to spend using Humm as their payment method get an extra $20 back.

If you haven’t already, make sure you sign up here before the event starts – in fact, do it now, it only takes a minute and it’s free! Don't forget to tick the box to receive our communications – if you opt out, you’ll miss out on critical info emailed to you during the event. We don’t spam you, we don’t share your details and you can unsubscribe any time.

Our brilliant buy now, pay later partner, humm, is offering $20 cash back to the first 1000 shoppers who spend $250 using humm during Click Frenzy – it’s also free to sign up, and there are a world of benefits to take advantage of.

Now for the most important part.

Rule number one!


To get Frenzy Bucks cash back, you MUST start your shopping at, and you MUST shop only with retailers on the Click Frenzy brand list. You can find this list on the home page before the event and on the brands page during the event. Don’t get sucked in by all of the other fake frenzy sales out there – they’re bogus, and if you buy from retailers that are not listed at, you can’t get your Frenzy Bucks. Only Click Frenzy retailers and brands qualify for Frenzy Bucks.

Rule number two!


To get Frenzy Bucks cash back, you can’t use any other cashback services with your purchase. If you do, your purchases will be disqualified. Double dipping isn’t allowed – we will be vetting to eliminate entries that have also accessed other cashback offers. (sign up to humm here)

When will you find out if you are successful?

By Wednesday 11 November, our team will commence vetting the Frenzy Bucks entries for authenticity, which may include validation of purchases with participating retailers. There are two stages to the process – once we have validated entries, we will notify the first 200 of their success for $250 back, and the next 1000 of their success with $50 back, plus the first 1000 who have used Humm to make purchases of $250 or more.

Two weeks after the Click Frenzy event ends, we will once again validate that there have been no order cancellations and no other cashback offers applied, and then all winners will be sent a Click Frenzy virtual Mastercard to the value of their cashback prize. For the humm promotion, all successful entrants will have $20 added to their humm account.

To recap:

  1. Got to be a member – sign up now, and sign up for humm too for the extra $20 offer.
  2. You have to shop from – click on the listed retailer or retailers you want to shop from so we know this is where you started. If you start off site, we can’t verify your purchase.
  3. Only retailers and brands listed on qualify – don’t fall for the fake frenzies, they’re no good to you.
  4. You can’t use Frenzy Bucks with other cashback sites, so avoid them for this promotion.
  5. If you cancel your order within 2 weeks after the event, you’ll be ineligible.


Follow these simple rules, be at the start line for early access at 6.30pm, and you are giving yourself an awesome chance of huge Frenzy Bucks cashback. Good luck!