Is it legit?

It is definitely legit, but it is a challenge. Members receive emails during an event that provide clues as to when each 99% off deal will go live. Members must be logged into the Click Frenzy Website when a deal goes live in order to receive a pop-up notification. The pop-up will pose a question, and those wanting the 99% off deal must answer the question as fast as possible (including their mobile number so they can be contacted if successful).


Thirty minutes after a 99% off deal goes live the team at Click Frenzy commence the process of determining the successful shoppers based on the answers provided. Successful members are notified via an SMS which includes a URL and discount code to complete purchase of the item at 99% off.

 For those who don’t want to spend the time on site waiting for the alerts, that’s ok – you will improve the chances for others who do want to take on the challenge.

If you’re still not convinced it’s legit, or think there is only one of each item, that’s ok – better the chances for the believers. Since launching these deals, we have sold tens of thousands of quality merchandise items for one percent of the retail price, with free shipping. We have also twice given away $50,000 cash to Click Frenzy Ironshopper contestants, plus multiple $10,000 prizes. The chances were ridiculously good – one out of just 35 entrants won $50,000 in one case. It’s about who wanted to make the effort. We know it’s real, and those tens of thousands who’ve scored bargains of a lifetime from Click Frenzy know it’s real. It’s up to you.


What are my chances?

Many will miss out, that’s undeniable due to the competition but many, many will also score the bargain of a lifetime. Depending on the product, your chances of scoring can be as good as one in five. For those who shop with Click Frenzy regularly, your chances improve as many of the questions relate to Click Frenzy.

Why does it take so long to process orders?
These special deals have unfortunately been a target of fraudsters and hackers since they were first introduced by Click Frenzy. We take great pains to ensure that these bargains of a lifetime only go to those customers who play by the rules and take on the challenge in good faith, without the aid of bots, false identities, and various other means by which unscrupulous individuals try to cheat.

This is a painstaking and manual process, and if there is suspicious activity it can take longer than we would like, but it is worth it to ensure that the deserving customers who’ve taken on the challenges in good faith reap the rewards.


Why do we have to answer a question, compared to previous events when you just had to check out as fast as possible?

We introduced this element to level the playing field – unfortunately when the challenge was to check out the fastest, this meant that automated scripts and bots designed to defeat humans were frequent winners, and shoppers doing the right thing by our promotions were missing out. This is the fairest way to give all shoppers a great chance to score the bargain of a lifetime, and negate the advantage of cheats with advanced IT skills. Keep an eye on our social channels during an event as we always share a few extra hints for our followers!